Technology Literacy Narrative

Technology Literacy Narrative: The Past

Something that I feel perhaps overtook the Technology Literacy Narrative as I wrote it was a bit of regret. Nowadays, I look on at the great technological strides being made with wonder, but looking back, I realize it wasn’t always that way. As much as I like to think I embraced the changes and worked with the technology eagerly, I didn’t always. I was always more impatient and unwilling to learn and work around the limitations of the computers and programs I had access to at the time. That is something I wish I could change, because it’s regrettable to not have truly paid notice to the great evolution that has taken place over the course of the past few years.

I started with the prewriting, taking notes on what I remembered of my uses with technology as a kid and then went back and thought harder, and even asked my parents a few questions for details that I couldn’t remember. I seek to be honest with my narratives, and I did not want to glaze over or idealize anything. I then plotted out the timeline as if it were a short story and then wrote it out. Although I did not use any new media techniques, I would like to begin infusing them into my work more and playing around more and experimenting to transcend my current limits within the old media.

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