A New Avatar


I created my avatar by cutting out and enlarging the tip of a pen off of this original photograph above from Pixabay. I then signed the avatar “Oddity Writer”. The reason I chose this image was because since I was a child I have been enthralled with the power of stories and as I grew older, the power of words and writing. I always had a pen on me and by the time I was in sixth grade, I had filled five notebooks and folders’ worth of paper with stories. Rather than signing my true name, I chose to sign it as “Oddity Writer” because I have been using the handle since 2014, and many people both in real life and on the Internet have referred to me as Oddity since then. The moniker itself has become like an alternate name and I am always happy to wear it. During a time when I was very dissatisfied with my life, I also loved writing the Oddity Writer blog- it was very therapeutic and exciting as I gained a small following.

Any small difficulties I had creating this avatar came from my lack of experience with using Pixlr. However, it was a relatively simple edit, so it wasn’t enormously difficult to figure out.

All in all, I’m satisfied with how it’s turned out.

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