Listening Project Reflection

One of the greatest miracles that technology has worked on my life is that it has given me some of the best friends that I could ask for. I was reminded of this while going through this assignment, as I talked with Tyler about new media and the environment. You can read my conversation with Tyler here.

However, unlike my previous encounters, this association did not go any farther beyond our interviews and work to complete this project.

Not being forced into a video conference or a voice call was particularly helpful for me. All of my friendships naturally progressed from the written word, which I feel is definitely my native element, into the voice and face-to-face interactions. Because I’ve used writing to communicate for so long it also made it a lot easier to be open with Tyler, as I do work to make my writing more emotive and open than I might be in person. Hopefully this made up for any feelings that the interactions were impersonal for Tyler. After more time in this class, I feel I’ve settled really comfortably in this writing style which feels much more like a hybrid of the more academic formal writing I’ve done so far and the more casual blog writing that I’ve completed.

However, I feel the academic mindset had already considerably restricted us and the context of our association to a strictly professional mindset. We only talked about environment and the new media and to complete the assignment because while we had a few things in common, we were still very different people who were forced together. Comparing this to current friendships I had, I wonder if it’s being trapped to talk about the focus of the classes that made this project. While we could talk about our own unique perspectives on the topic, it didn’t allow for any deep connections between Tyler and myself, and I feel at times, we lacked context about our own experiences that would have added to our opinions.

While this project felt disjointed and felt frustrating to complete, it allowed me to look at how the Internet has forged friendships and shaped a huge part of my life, and for that reason, I find this project valuable.